Laptop Buying Guide 2020

Laptop Buying Guide 2020

Laptop Buying Guide

First of all, we should understand that the laptop is good or desktop. Both of them are good in themselves and both have their own characteristics. So if you think that a laptop is good enough to carry anywhere according to your work then of course you should take a laptop. Let's look at some points before buying a laptop, it will definitely help you buy a budget laptop of your choice.

Whenever you go to buy a laptop in the market, you are told about the features of that laptop. Just like its Processor, Hard disk, RAM, Graphics Card, OS, Display, Storage, Battery backup, etc. You do not know about all these things, so if you get to know about these things well then you can buy a great laptop in your budget. So read this entire laptop guide to help you make the right decision.

Laptop Screen Size

Screen Size The size of the laptop you take is the size of the screen you will get, according to your work, you can take a laptop with the screen size as much as you want. Many people choose laptops by screen size, but laptops should not be selected by looking at screen size, because one screen size can make the laptop heavy, as well as the computing experience, is poor if the display is low resolution.

Laptop Display

Mainly like you get to see 3 types of displays on the laptop. HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD. You can also call it 4K Display. You can select the display of the laptop according to your needs. 

You will get HD Display at a cheap price, Full HD Display will get you a bit expensive and Ultra HD will get a little more expensive than that. You can select the display according to which laptop you need for which type of work. 

Processor And RAM

Processor :

Laptop Buying Guide 2020

The most important part of a Laptop or Computer is Processor. The processor itself decides how much the laptop's working speed will be. For this, we have to know how many types of processors are there. 

The new version of the Processor will work as fast. If your processor is of the old version, then your laptop can be hung, or it will work slow. There are very good types of processors are available in the market nowadays. 
Intel and AMD are basically two companies making Processor, out of which Intel's Processor is much more popular. Intel names its processors like i3, i5, i7, i9. These names are given according to their latest processors. 
If we are home users then we will not even know the difference in speed of these processors, because we can use Core i3 or dual-core for home use. They are cheaper than core i5 or core i7.
While selecting Processor, you need to know what i3, i5, i7, i9 are, what they are, to understand these, you have to understand what are Cores. So let's know what Core is. 

For example, suppose there are 10 people appointed to do work in 7 days. If the ratio of manpower increases then the time will be less than 7 days then they will be able to do the same work faster than before. 
Similarly, if you have a laptop with more core, then you will be able to work on it with more speed. 
Let’s know about how many cores are in i3, i5, i7, and i9, and how Core works. 

I3 Processor 

Dual Core is used in the i3 Processor. Laptops with i3 Processor are available in the cheapest range, which means you get Rs 20000 to 35000 rupees. These laptops are good for normal tasking. Such laptops are considered good for work like Data Entry Work, Internet Surfing, PowerPoint Presentation. 

I5 Processor

i5 Processors are Dual Core or Quad-Core. Quad-Core It is faster than Dual Core. If you have to do Video Editing, Heavy Games on a laptop, and run Heavy software then the recommend Processor is i5. It is better than the i3 Processor. Here you will get better performance than i3 Processor. That is why Laptops with i5 Processor are expensive compared to i3 Processor Laptops.

I7 & I9 Processor

If you want to do more heavy work on the laptop, then you should take a laptop with I7 or I9 Processor. It is used to use Heavy Video Editing, Heavy Games, Graphics Designing, or Heavy Softwares. These Laptops you find expensive compared to i3 Processor and i5 Processor.

You get written 5th Generation, 6th Generation, 7th Generation, 8th Generation in front of these processors. Generations basically tell us that this Processor is an improvement from the previous Generation Processor.

For example, suppose an I3 Processor is of 5th Generation and on the same there is an I3 Processor of 8th Generation, so it is normal that Processor with 8th Generation will be improved as compared to Processor with 5th Generation, that's why you should get a Laptop with Latest Generation. 
Laptops also become a bit expensive according to the generation


RAM is an important part of the laptop, which full form is Random Access Memory. Whenever you open an application on your laptop, it opens inside the application basically Ram. 

Now let’s know that how much RAM should be inside our laptop, generally, if you buy a laptop with i3 Processor, then you have to buy a laptop with at least 4GB RAM, and as much as any in the market Laptops are working on i3 Processor, all those laptops have RAM of 4GB or above. 
Similarly, if you take a laptop with i5 Processor, then it should have at least 8GB of RAM. 
Similarly, if you buy a laptop with i7 or i9 Processor, then it should have minimum 16GB or 32GB RAM. 
If we want good speed then we also need good RAM, like at least 4GB RAM. And currently, the new DDR3 and DDR4 RAM are running in the market. Try to get only the updated RAM.

Graphics Card

Graphics also plays the most important role in a laptop, especially in gaming and graphics designing. To understand what Integrated Graphics and Dedicated Graphics is, firstly you have to know what Graphics is?

In simple language, Graphics is that, whatever you see on the laptop, whatever is shown to you, whatever process you get to see, it is possible because of all things Graphics. Graphics is a visual image, when you play a game and watch a video, then what you see on your laptop is all done with the help of a Graphics Card. 

Nowadays, in all laptops, graphic cards come along which are inbuilt inside them. Through which we can play normal web browsing, games, or songs. So if you have used web browsing, movies, or games in addition to MS Office, then you should not think about a graphic card separately. In the laptop, you get to see two types of Graphics Cards, one Integrated and the other Dedicated Usually you get to see Integrated Graphics or Dedicated Graphics in Laptop.

1. Integrated Graphics Card

If you buy a laptop with an Integrated Graphics card, then that laptop will use your RAM as a Graphics Card. Due to this, more load can increase on your laptop, when you are playing a game or video editing, your laptop can be slow and hang.

2. Dedicated Graphics Card 

If a Dedicated Graphics Card is given in your laptop, then your laptop will not use our RAM at all like a Graphics Card, because you have a different Dedicated Graphics Card given in that laptop. This Graphics Card is basically 2GB or more. 
Because of this, you will be able to play games very well, you will be able to do good video editing, so I would advise that you always buy such a laptop in which you get a Dedicated Graphics Card. 

Hard Disk 

The data that is on your laptop is saved in the hard disk of your laptop. you can do this Compare with your phone's internal memory or memory card. Here we get to see two types of Hard Disk, one is HDD which you call Hard Disk Drive and the other is SSD which is called Solid State Drive.

  • HDD: This Hard Disk you can see in most Laptops, Laptops with Hard Disk are cheap. These Hard Disk have a read/write speed normal and it is also considered good for Hard Disk Normal Tasking.
  • SSD: Read / Write Speed of this Hard Disk is very much compared to HDD Hard Disk and Laptops with Hard Disk are a bit expensive. It is considered good for Hard Disk High-End work. 

Battery Backup

If you want to get a good laptop you would know that battery backup is most important for every laptop. Which is the life of your laptop. If the battery is not good, the laptop is not useful for you, so no matter how expensive it is. Because if there is no battery then how will you do our daily work. Therefore, when buying a laptop, pay attention to the battery. Take the laptop that has a good battery backup.

DOS & Windows 

The interface you see in DOS Laptop is in text. If you want a graphical interface, where you can get a great user interface to see all the things like the application icon and the icon of all the things, then you should get a Windows laptop. You can use Windows by installing Windows on DOS Laptop. Also, you can purchase a Direct Windows Laptop. Windows Laptops are slightly more expensive than Dos Laptops.


Laptop Buying Guide 2020

USB is also a very special part of our laptop. With which we can do our work by connecting our devices. Such as a printer, input-output devices, modem, pen drives, or even more devices. Laptops with more USB ports are better. In which 1 or 2 is on the righthand side, it is quite good. 

Keyboard & Touchpad

Laptop Buying Guide 2020

If you use the keyboard more, then it will also have to be carefully paid to see if the keyboard or touchpad is working smoothly or not. Somewhere it is not too hard to use. And if the touchpad also does not work smoothly, then we will not be able to use the mouse pointer easily.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity is also a very important part to get a good laptop. Because it is quite easy to share the internet with the help of wifi. Nowadays the internet can be shared quite easily from a wifi router or wifi hotspot. 

Nowadays wifi printer has also come. wifi transfers data at a much faster speed than Bluetooth, so the uses of wifi have increased. And this is the reason that while taking a good laptop, you should check the WiFi connectivity works well or not. 

Operating System

There are different types of operating systems in computers or laptops such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, MAC, etc. 

In this, I would advise you to use Windows 7 if you are a new user. And if you know how to work on it, then after that you can go for Windows 10 which is the combination of Windows 7 & 8. After that, you will find it very easy to use it.


In this article Laptop Buying Guide 2020, we gave you step by step guides for buying a new laptop. Also, you have learned some features of laptops like Display, Battery, RAM, Processor, Storage, etc. 

If you read this fully it will definitely help you to buy a new laptop within your budget range.
If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, then please write it in the comment box, If you want, you can also share this post.

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