What is a computer mouse? Types and Features of mouse

Computer mouse

What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

In this article, we'll tell you what's Mouse. All of you'll be well know about computer mouse because it is that the most prominent data input device utilized in computers. A mouse is additionally called 'Mice', which is its plural name.

These devices developed a few years ago, are used today with most personal computers. Although old Mouse was different from today's optical Mouse, we all know them by the name of the trackball mouse. The most function of this device is to regulate the cursor movement.

For example, with the assistance of this, we are ready to point, select, or click the cursor on the things displayed within the computer screen. Next during this post, we'll explain to you intimately what's a mouse and can also throw light on how the mouse is employed also. So let's first understand the definition of the mouse.

What is a mouse?

Friends, you want to know what a mouse is and the way to run it. The world is developing at a really fast pace. Every country today doesn't want to be behind anyone in technology. That's why the utilization of computers has started in every work. You want to know alright what a computer is.

The full name of what a mouse is or what it's called and the way it works; sorts of mechanical mouse, optical mouse, wireless mouse, trackball, and its features are all on this page.

When and Who invented the mouse?

A mouse is a data input device that connects us to a computer. It was invented in 1963 AD by Douglas Carl Engelbart (1925-2013), an American engineer and inventor. He used to work in Xerox PARC Corporation when he created this.

In the beginning, there was doubt in the user's mind about the use of this, but since 1984, it became so popular that today how much use is it in the computer, you have already seen.

Mouse parts and their functions :

What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

When we turn on the computer, you see the cursor of the mouse-like an arrow on the computer screen, we can rotate the point of the mouse in any direction on the computer display, for this, we have to move the mouse with the help of a hand on the flat surface. 

The mouse is used to make graphics on the computer. This mouse has two or three mouse buttons. Each button has its own separate function. There is a rubber ball under the mouse which is used in a mechanical mouse.

When this rubber ball is rotated on a flat surface, the mouse pointer is also seen moving on the computer screen, just as a human has two hands, we can pick up anything and move it in the same way as a mouse. To move the data file and folder from one place to another location from the computer and can drag and hold their file here and there. 
A mouse has many parts and has its own different functions.

  • Mouse wheel  

There is a wheel-shaped scroll button at the top and middle of the mouse with the help of which we can scroll the webpage up and down or the page can be moved up and down through the wheel.

  • Buttons

The mouse has two or three buttons, the right and the second are left buttons. The right button is used to close or open the file and the left button is used to open the menu bar.

  • Ball or LED Laser 

Mouse in which the ball or roller is used is known as a mechanical mouse and a mouse that uses LED and laser is called an optical mouse. The mouse is said to be able to see the mouse pointer easily from the computer screen only with the help of these rollers and LED.

  • Cable or wireless receiver

The mouse has a USB cable, through that cable we can attach the mouse to the computer and we must have a wireless port to use the wireless mouse.

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Types of the mouse :

Mechanical mouse

What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

It is an input device inside which a metallic or rubber ball is used.  Sensors are placed inside the mouse which detects or catches the movement of the mouse. When the ball moves in any direction, then the sensor inside it detects this movement and also moves the pointer in the same direction on the screen of the computer.
These Mechanical mouse were used earlier, now the optical mouse has taken their place.

Optical mouse

LED and DSP(digital signal processing) is used in an optical mouse. Which detects the surface-related movement through light. This type of mouse is more advanced than a mechanical mouse. Such a mouse does not use a ball or rubber-like mechanical mouse instead. A small bulb is used in it
When we move the mouse on the pad, the pointer of the mouse appears moving on the computer screen.

Corded mouse

What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

In Corded mouse, we use the cable to connect to the computer. Power is supplied to the device by this cable. This is why there is no need for external power. The accuracy level is very high in this. There is no problem in transferring data.

Wireless mouse (Cordless mouse)

What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

In a Wireless mouse, the cable is not used to connect to a computer.  Such a mouse is based on Infrared, Bluetooth, or Radio-frequency technique for connectivity instead of cable. That is why we also call it cordless. A USB receiver is used which is plugged into the USB port of the computer and it receives and works with the signal from a wireless device. 

Such a wireless mouse does not remain electric. For this, a small battery is required which has to be installed separately.


What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

The trackball is like some optical mouse, just the trackball is used in it. To use the trackball in the computer, we have to rotate the ball with the help of our finger or thumb. The speed of this mouse is fast, which is easy to control. It takes time to do. They are mostly used in laptops or mobiles.

Features and Uses of Mouse :

  • The mouse has two or three buttons. With the button of the mouse, we can click on any web page. Once right-clicking with the mouse, the menu bar opens, inside it, there are options for cut, copy, paste, etc.
  • There is a wheel on top of the mouse, which can be scrolled up and down by moving any page up and down. This process is called scrolling.
  • Clicking on the scroll wheel anywhere on the web page turns auto-scrolling ON. After which you can scroll the page by just moving the pointer up and down.
  • If you press the scroll wheel on the tab box of a web page, then that tab will be closed.
  • By holding down the Ctrl key and then up and down the scroll wheel, you will be able to Zoom in and Zoom out of that web page.
  • By moving the mouse on the flat surface, you can move the cursor or pointer in any direction, with the help of it you can open it by double-clicking on any file.
  • With the help of a mouse pointer, pressing any file or folder can drag it from one place to another.
  • You can open any file from the mouse by double-clicking and selecting the file and working in it and dragging the file. You can select paragraphs by clicking the mouse on three on a file.
  • When we put the mouse pointer on any file or folder, we can get the details of that file or folder.
  • Using the mouse, we can right-click on any file or folder such as open, copy, cut, paste, rename, properties, etc.

Interesting facts about Computer Mouse:

What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

  • You know how the computer mouse got its name. If you look at a mouse, its size, shape, and tail match with mice. That is why this pointing device started to be called a mouse.
  • The first mouse was made of wood, with a circuit board and two metal wheels to move from here.
  • Do you know, before mouse all computers used text interface? That is, each command was inputted by typing through the keyboard.
  • Xerox PARC is the world's first computer in which Mouse was used. It was also the first computer to use a graphical user interface (GUI).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Why is a mouse pad important?

Mouse pad is a thin plastic or rubber strip which is very important for our Mouse. It gives us a smooth surface so that you do not have any problem with moving the mouse around.

This is very important for the accuracy and speed of the mouse pointer. However, sensors in the optical mouse can detect the movement of the mouse on any surface.

But if you want to use a mouse on a reflective surface, you will need a mouse pad. Apart from this, it also protects your mouse from dust.
What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of mouse

2.How to change the battery of a mouse?

The battery is under the mouse. Turn that mouse over and open its cover and remove the old battery and insert the new battery.

3.Do every computer need a mouse?

Now the computers working on touch screen technology has arrived. These computers use a touch screen as their primary input device. But you can also use a mouse on these computers.


In this article What is a computer mouse? Types and  Features of the mouse, we gave you information about the mouse, it’s parts and their functions. Under which you have learned how important this input device is and after its invention, we have been able to input our commands into the computer. 
Along with this, you also learned about the use of different types of computer mouse such as Mechanical mouse and Optical mouse.

So hopefully, by this article, you will have been able to understand what is a computer mouse and its functions. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, then please write it in the comment, if you want, you can also share this post.

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